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March 22, 2017

US and British Officials Say No Specific Threat Led to Banning of Electronics on Flights

U.S. and British officials said Tuesday the decision to bar laptops and tablets from the cabins of some international flights wasn't based on any specific threat but on longstanding concerns about terrorists targeting jetliners. Unimpressed, some travelers and civil liberties... Continue Reading →


Google Maps to Allow Tracking Among Users

Google Maps users will soon be able to broadcast their movements to friends and family - the latest test of how much privacy people are willing to sacrifice in an era of rampant sharing. The location-monitoring feature will begin rolling... Continue Reading →

Former Pharmacy Executive Convicted in Meningitis Outbreak

The former head of a Massachusetts pharmacy was acquitted Wednesday of murder allegations but convicted of racketeering and other crimes in a meningitis outbreak that was traced to fungus-contaminated drugs and killed 64 people across the country. Prosecutors said Barry... Continue Reading →

Police Officer, 3 Other People Killed in Wisconsin Town

A police officer and three other people were shot and killed when a domestic dispute at a bank escalated into shootings at three locations in northern Wisconsin on Wednesday, investigators said. A suspect was in custody. The shootings happened at... Continue Reading →

Mother Says Teen Daughter is Afraid to Come Home After Live-streamed Rape

The mother of a 15-year-old girl who authorities say was sexually assaulted in an attack streamed live on Facebook said Wednesday that her daughter has received online threats since it happened and that neighborhood kids have been joking about it... Continue Reading →

LAPD Say Latinos Are Reporting Crimes Less Because of Deportation Fears

The police chief of Los Angeles, a city that is half Latino, found himself in the middle of the national immigration debate on Wednesday after saying there's a correlation between the Trump administration's call for stiffer immigration policies and a... Continue Reading →

Police Say White Man Who Killed Black Man With Sword Went to New York to Make Racist Attacks

A white U.S. Army veteran from Baltimore bent on making a racist attack took a bus to New York, the "media capital of the world," randomly picked out a black man who was collecting bottles on the street and killed... Continue Reading →

Republican Leaders Gather Support for Health Care Bill Before House Vote

The top Republican legislative priority in peril, President Donald Trump dangled possible changes to the health care bill Wednesday aimed at placating conservatives threatening to torpedo the legislation. The White House seemed to make progress with the hardliners while House... Continue Reading →

Rape of Teen Girl Streamed on Facebook Starts Questions of Witnessing & Reporting Crimes Online

The case of a 15-year-old Chicago girl who authorities say was raped while around 40 people watched on Facebook raises questions that have come up before in other attacks: What's the obligation of bystanders who see a crime unfolding? And... Continue Reading →

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