Supersonic Jet Which Could Travel from London to New York in 3 Hours Gets Funding to Tune of $33 Million

Engineers promising to turn London to New York into a day trip have got the funding they need to build the world’s fastest passenger jet.

Boom Supersonic said it received $33million (£26million) in funding and was ready to build its XB-1 jet prototype.

The XB-1- dubbed the “baby boom” – is backed by a host of wealthy tech bosses, astronauts and engineers and is tipped to be faster and more efficient than Concorde.

Seats will cost the same as major airline’s business class – but budget tickets could be on the cards too, according to Chief Executive Blake Scholl who claimed “that’s where we’re headed over time”.

Scholl said the jet, which will cost more than $200million to build, could be carrying passengers by the early 2020s.

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SOURCE: Margi Murphy 
The Sun