Katherine Jackson’s Nephew Denies Charges of Elder Abuse, Says Jermaine Jackson is Trying to Get her Money

Katherine Jackson’s nephew, Trent Jackson, has filed new court documents that dispute her recent allegations that he “manipulates” and “bullies” her and her claims of elder abuse.

The mother of the late Michael Jackson filed a restraining order against Trent, who worked as her driver and looked after her finances and well-being, on Feb. 10.

She claimed he was “an abusive con man” who had been emotionally abusing her and trying to take control of her money for years.

In court documents, which were obtained by People, Trent claims that he has “a serious concern” that the 86-year-old’s request is not “authentic or trustworthy,” and that even if she signed it herself, he does not believe it was drafted “under her free will.”

He insists that the complaint “may be the subject of undue influence perpetrated by some of her own children, who are keeping her secluded in London while they seek to separate her from people she is close with, like [Trent], who might resist their efforts to take control over her interest in Michael Jackson’s estate.”

Trent Jackson says he believes Katherine’s son, Jermaine Jackson, is the main person trying to come between him and his aunt. He believes it’s all part of a scheme to use her to get money.

In Monday’s filing, Trent Jackson and his lawyer stated that Katherine’s disappearance in London resembles her disappearance in 2012, in which Trent Jackson claims she was taken to Arizona and out of his care against her will. She was not allowed to use her cellphone or tablet and he states the situation was concerning because she was supposed to be caring for her grandchildren.

When she returned home 10 days later, Trent Jackson says Katherine gave him a hug and told him she wanted him to remain her caregiver. He also claims that she said to him “why is it that since Michael died everyone is going crazy?”

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