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March 3, 2017

President Trump Talks School Choice, Meets 4th Graders and Parents at Florida Catholic School

Days after urging Congress to fund education choice for low-income students, President Trump visited a private school in Florida where nearly 300 students are enrolled under a state program. The choice of St. Andrews Catholic School in Orlando for his... Continue Reading →


Chance the Rapper is Not Happy With Outcome of Meeting With Illinois Governor; Tells him ‘Do Your Job’ On Chicago Public Schools

Music impresario Chance the Rapper’s summit Friday with Gov. Bruce Rauner apparently did not go well, but the Chicago native and three-time Grammy winner pledged to collaborate with the governor to come up with plan to fund the city’s public... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Hugh Jackman Thought he Would be a Preacher as a Child, Found Inspiration for Acting in Church

'Logan' star Hugh Jackman says his father was converted to Christ under the preaching of Billy Graham. He found inspiration for acting while watching a preacher delivering a sermon.

Arkansas Plans to Execute 8 People in 10 Days

Eight men are scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Arkansas in the space of just 10 days, according to Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s office. The state — which has not put anyone to death for 11 years — plans... Continue Reading →

‘That ’70s Show’ Actor Danny Masterson Under Investigation Over Sexual Assault Claims by Members of Church of Scientology

This investigation was purportedly spearheaded by Leah Remini in connection with her A&E show on Scientology. Los Angeles police are probing allegations of sexual assault against That '70s Show actor Danny Masterson, authorities told The Hollywood Reporter Friday. There is... Continue Reading →

Mass Grave Found at Former Catholic Orphanage in Ireland

A mass grave containing the remains of babies and young children has been discovered at a former Catholic orphanage in Ireland, government-appointed investigators announced Friday in a finding that confirmed a local historian's efforts to trace the fates of 800... Continue Reading →

Republican Lawmakers Trying to Stop ‘Obamacare Lite’

The draft repeal of the Affordable Care Act is already so controversial — with Republicans — that it is being held in a “secure location.” And even Republican senators are barred from seeing it by GOP leadership. Locked in a... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: CeCe Winans Reveals She Wanted to Give Up In Her Marriage, But Putting God’s Will Before Her Will Helped Her Stay

During our Q&A, Cece Winans shares some very intimate details about staying after wanting to end her marriage. Watch her share tips for newlyweds and what made her stay in her marriage of 32 years. Winans credits putting God’s will... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Historical and Legal Foundations for Chaplaincy, Pt. 2 (Ordained Chaplains: The Work of the Chaplain #2, with Daniel Whyte III at Gospel Light Society University)

Taught at Gospel Light Society University. The simple purpose of this podcast is to help those who are interested in serving others through chaplaincy, pastoring, coaching, and counseling learn the basics of the profession. Our Work of the Chaplain... Continue Reading →

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