AT&T to Offer Hulu Content to Customers


Hulu just inked a deal to bring its streaming service to AT&T’s TV customers.

When the program launches later this year, AT&T customers will be able to browse and watch Hulu content on the AT&T mobile app and website, alongside other content from the pay TV provider—provided they have a Hulu Plus subscription.

The companies are also exploring the possibility of bringing a Hulu app to TV sets.

“We know that our customers want to be able to access video on multiple devices,” Andrew Goodman, associate vice president of AT&T content acquisition, said in a statement. “So we are excited to be able to expand our relationship with Hulu and make its innovative and vast video selections available to AT&T customers on multiple screens.”

AT&T already offers access to some free Hulu content on its platform, but this deal allows Hulu Plus members to switch between Hulu shows and movies and AT&T video on-demand content from within the same app or website.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, Stephanie Mlot

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