Amazon Brings Useful X-Ray Feature from Kindle Fire Tablets to Fire TV


Amazon is introducing a popular feature from their Kindle Fire tablets on their Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick today, called X-Ray, which lets users see extra information and details about movies and TV shows when they watch their favorite programs. The feature is there to help individuals find out more about people and places within the programs they watch, so if you keep seeing one particular actor or actress pop up in all the shows or films you throw on the big screen but can’t remember their name or what they’ve been in, then Amazon’s X-Ray feature is for you.

What makes X-Ray such a powerful tool is that it’s powered by IMDb, which most of you might be familiar with. It’s a huge database for movies and tv shows and has just about all the information anyone could ever need about any actor/actress and what they’ve starred in. It’s also exclusive to Amazon Instant video, so although it is now available on two more Amazon devices, it is still limited to only Amazon’s streaming video application. If that isn’t a problem for you and you primarily use Amazon Instant Video anyway, then you’ll likely love the new X-Ray feature.

If you ever find yourself wondering what a particular actor or actress is in any time in the future, Amazon makes finding out those details pretty simple by making it only one click away on the remote. X-Ray can also allow viewers to get more detailed information about the content they’re watching, with things like the backstory about the show or the lead characters in it. There’s even a feature to receive fun facts about the TV shows and movies you’re watching. All of the X-Ray content is similar to what you might get from extras and commentary from DVD’s, which is something that Play Movies might end up with in the near future. The update to receive this new future is starting to roll out today according to Amazon, and it should come over-the-air as soon as you turn on either device. It could take a day or two before it rolls out to everyone though so keep in that mind.

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SOURCE: Android Headlines

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