PASTOR JOHN McARTHUR  does the work of a PROPHET and EVANGELIST and tells GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM His “Soul Lies in Grave, ETERNAL PERIL”; in other words, the Governor is Going to Hell if he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ and  Repent of his wickedness in Open Letter. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, says, I Know that it is not in the Nature of Pastors to do What Dr. John McArthur is Doing With the Governor–Governor Newsom–by Calling Him Out Publicly For His Wickedness Against God, Jesus Christ, and Against God’s Word. BUT IT MUST BE DONE BY GOD-CALLED PASTORS AND PREACHERS BECAUSE THESE SO-CALLED POLITICIANS AND THEIR BUDDIES, SO-CALLED “INCLUSIVE” PASTORS HAVE CREATED A HELL ON EARTH FOR BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS AND PEOPLE OF GOODWILL, and Every Pastor Who is Silent Will Answer to God and Jesus Christ Because They Are Showing Themselves to be Ashamed of God, Jesus Christ, and the Word of God. And They Are Betraying Jesus Christ Like JUDAS All Over Again.

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Founder and President of (, and Author of Bestselling Books Letters to Young Black Men, Letters to Young Black Women, and When Black Preachers Preach Volumes 1, 2, and 3, and who is already under severe attack from Black Lives Matter supporters, Homosexual supporters, and those who believe in women being over men in the church and in the family, and, yes, some of these enemies are in his own family, lovingly asks Bro. Keith Moore, Beth Moore’s husband, and Dr. Russell Moore a dear friend of Beth Moore to prayerfully consider asking Beth Moore, who he believes is a truly saved woman, to withdraw from this unnecessary  and incendiary conference because it is not going to help her ministry, it is not going to help the black church nor the black community, and neither is it going to help the white church or the white community. He knows this sounds paternalistic; but Whyte says, so be it. Whyte believes it is just going to create more anger and confusion and add another piece of wood to the upcoming civil war fire.

 Daniel Whyte III Says, Nobody Else is Saying it, But In Case You Are Wondering, People, the MONSTER IAN HURRICANE is a Continuation of God DESTROYING and DISMANTLING America Because the So-Called Church in America Has Turned Into a JUDAS CHURCH That Has Turned its Back on Jesus Christ, and Has Not Fulfilled at All the Two Simple Mandates That Jesus Christ Left Her To do: the GREAT COMMANDMENT and the GREAT COMMISSION. The Laodicean Judas Church of Today Has Failed God, the Family, the Government, the Nation, and the World. And I Have no Fear of Successful Contradiction. People, This is Not Climate Change Because God Created the Climate and He Controls the Climate For His Purposes; Therefore, if it is Climate Change, He is the One Who is Changing the Climate. Also, Let me Help You People to Understand Something About God: GOD DOES NOT BLESS PEOPLE WITH THINGS SUCH AS HOUSES, CARS, AND LANDS FOR HIM TO TURN AROUND AND DESTROY THEM AND BLOW THEM AWAY UNLESS YOU GIVE HIM REASON TO DO SO, and That is, by Your Dishonoring Him, Disrespecting Him, and Disobeying Him. The wheels of God grind slo’ but they grind sho’.

TAIWAN IS NOT READY FOR CHINA and BIDEN AND THE U.S. SHOULD NOT MAKE PROMISES TO TAIWAN THAT THEY SHOULD NOT MAKE and that THEY ARE NOT READY TO FULFILL and WILL NOT KEEP. These Taiwanese Men Were Trained to Defend Taiwan From China; however, They Aren’t Sure They Can. Daniel Whyte III Says, This is not the mentality that you need to have when you are facing a nuclear power a hundred times bigger than you. Taiwan cannot have a “summer camp” mentality against China. Whyte tells President Tsai Ing-wen and the Taiwanese people, with love, be wise; do not poke the bear because you will be the next Ukraine trying to defend yourself by yourself with nations sending you weapons instead of fighting alongside you. Many of you are Christians. Start praying, and practice humility.

GREAT MOVE, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whose Father Gustav Schwarzenegger Was a DECORATED NAZI SOLDIER, Found Favor in the Eyes of the Jewish Heads of Studios in Hollywood Where They Made Him One of the Biggest Stars in the History of Movies, Visits Auschwitz Nazi Death Camp Where he Meets, Simon Bergson, Son of Holocaust Survivor and Signs Visitor Book “I’LL BE BACK,” and Delivers Message of “terminating prejudice once and for all.” 

This is What You Get For Messing With the Queen After She Gave You Everything: HARRY and MEGHAN Are Busted and Demoted to the Bottom of the Royal Family’s Website and Placed Alongside Disgraced Prince Andrew. Daniel Whyte III Says, Harry, Like so Many Other Hen-pecked, Controlled, and Dominated Men, You Lost Everything Following Your Wife Queen Jezebel, and in the Process You Broke Your Grandmother’s Heart to Death. But in Her Death, She Broke You. MEGXIT!

It Was American Idol Star RUBEN STUDDARD Who Said “I NEED AN ANGEL.” CAM NEWTON Says, ‘I am a man who needs an extra wife or two and some concubines like Abraham, David, and Solomon. And I can justify it from the Scriptures.’ Former Football Players DERWIN GRAY and BENJAMIN WATSON Quickly and Eloquently Rebuke the Heisman Trophy Winner and Preacher’s Son, by Saying, ‘No, you can’t have multiple wives and concubines.’ Daniel Whyte III has thought about asking three great scholars who he respects to answer the question: Is it okay for Christian men to have multiple wives and concubines?–DR. RUSSELL MOORE, DR. TONY EVANS, and DR. JOHN PIPER; he surmises their answers in the same order. He believes Dr. Russell Moore would say ‘NO! I don’t even have to think about it.’ Dr. Tony Evans would show more compassion and say, ‘I understand what you are saying, brother, but, NO, you can’t do that and be right with God.’ And Dr. John Piper would say, ‘Let’s see . . . Let me think about it.’ ( Honors Dr. John McNeal Jr. in the Same Manner we Have Honored Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Dr. Tony Evans. Among Others, Dr. John McNeal Jr. Has Been a Mentor For the Greatly Used Dr. Tony Evans and Daniel Whyte III Founder and President of ( We give God the glory, praise, and honor for the life of Dr. John McNeal Jr, Who is still living and is now serving as pastor emeritus of the Atlanta Bible Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, which he founded. Daniel Whyte III says God used Dr. McNeal to teach him five great things by his preaching example and life, even though he was never a member of his church.