Archbishop Desmond Tutu Wants Church of England to Allow Women Bishops

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

While the Catholic church remains a holdout on ordaining women in ministry—and some mainline Christian denominations still frown on the idea of female leaders in the church—the Church of England is celebrating 20 years of its decision to sanction women to the priesthood.

But where are the female bishops? That’s what Archbishop Desmond Tutu wants to know.

Tutu sent a note to his “sisters” and a pat on the back to the Church of England, calling ordination a “splendid decision.” However, he took a jab at the Church’s policy of excluding women from standing in the office of bishop.

“As with our own Anglican Church of Southern Africa, amazing enrichment has come to your Church from this, yes, epoch making decision,” he wrote. “We realized how much we had denied ourselves until 1992. Now we have the first two Anglican women bishops on the African continent and we are asking ourselves why we were so stupid for so long.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jennifer Leclaire

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