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May 7, 2014

Obama Administration Still Hiding More Benghazi Material, Judicial Watch Says

The Obama administration continues to withhold documents that could shed light on how U.S. officials produced its false narrative that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi arose from a non-existent protest over a video, according to a conservative... Continue Reading →


Mark Jackson Says He Woke Up ‘Relieved’ After Being Fired From Job as Warriors Coach

Recently-fired Warriors coach Mark Jackson did a bit of a media tour on Wednesday, the day after he was relieved of his coaching duties of a team he took to only a few points away from the second round of... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn says ‘The Smile of Heaven Has Been Removed from America’

The prophetic words delivered in 1789 by President George Washington in his first inaugural speech echoed loud and clear Wednesday evening in the chamber of the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall — this time in the voice of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn,... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Things to Remember When You are Experiencing the Chastisement of God (Part 1) (Praying Through the Bible #88 with Daniel Whyte III)

[ca_audio url_mp3="" url_ogg="" download="true" align="none"] (Download/Listen to MP3) Praying Through the Bible #88 TEXT: Lamentations 3 Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the subject of prayer from passages in the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah, a prophet of... Continue Reading →

Statistics: 58 Million Working-Age People in America Don’t Have Jobs

Despite adding more than 8 million people to the working-age population since 2007, total employment has declined by half a million, according to an analysis by the Senate Budget Committee. Before President Barack Obama took office 259.7 million people were... Continue Reading →

Federal Election Commission says Conservative Media Outlets May Face Regulations Like PACs

Government officials, reacting to the growing voice of conservative news outlets, especially on the internet, are angling to curtail the media's exemption from federal election laws governing political organizations, a potentially chilling intervention that the chairman of the Federal Election Commission is... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Kevin Durant’s God-Glorifying Acceptance Speech for MVP Award; Thanks his Mother Too

Kevin Durant, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, made a memorable speech Tuesday as he accepted the NBA's MVP award for the 2013-2014 season. Durant began his speech by thanking God "for changing my life and letting me really realize what... Continue Reading →

How American Christians Can Help the Victims and Families Being Affected by Nigerian Violence

As President Obama prepares to send an advisory team to help Nigeria find more than 200 Christian and Muslim girls abducted by Islamic terrorists, Christians in the U.S can help victims and their families, said Adeniyi Ojutiku, a U.S.-based expert... Continue Reading →

GOP-led House Holds Former IRS Official, Lois Lerner, in Contempt

The House voted Wednesday to hold in contempt Lois Lerner, a former Internal Revenue Service official who is the focus of multiple investigations into whether the agency targeted President Obama’s opponents. The vote gives a politically charged issue new prominence... Continue Reading →

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