Mark Jackson Says He Woke Up ‘Relieved’ After Being Fired From Job as Warriors Coach

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Recently-fired Warriors coach Mark Jackson did a bit of a media tour on Wednesday, the day after he was relieved of his coaching duties of a team he took to only a few points away from the second round of the NBA Playoffs this season. In case you somehow didn’t have a chance to listen to everything, we’ve compiled the most interesting things he said:

1. ‘I wake up absolutely relieved.’

During an appearance on 95.7 The Game: “I wake up absolutely relieved. Because there’s no more unnamed sources that can affect me. I don’t have to answer the question that others won’t answer. I can speak clearly about who I am and how I conduct myself. It’s unfortunate, because everything that the unnamed sources said – that I was done if I did not get out of the first round, that there was friction, that there was this and there was that – and there was claimed to be no unnamed sources. Well, it’s come out true. The unfortunate thing is I go in an office with an owner and a general manager, just us three, and while in our office it’s tweeted out that I’m in a meeting and I’m about to be fired, that’s not how you conduct business. And if that’s how business relationships are supposed to be done well then they’re 100% right, I did not conduct business the right way if that’s the right way. And that’s unfortunate.

2. He felt undermined by former members of his staff.

On the Dan Patrick Show, Jackson talked about the mid-season changes he made with his staff, saying “things had to change.”

“What happens is, in this business, you got assistants are people who all of a sudden see, if I say we should’ve did this and I say we should’ve did that, all of a sudden I might move up the charts,” Jackson said. “So you create an environment where people begin to just give a little bit of gray area, and who knows? And that’s not fair to anybody. And it’s unfortunate, but there’s a reason that what happened with my two guys happened. That’s just a fact.”

He later added on Sirius XM:

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SOURCE: For the W!n – Nina Mandell

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