Living Hope Church in Washington State Raises $1 Million to Stay in Church Building

mlk-cross-LG.jpgA Vancouver, Wash., church that quickly needed $1 million in order to stay in a former K-Mart building received the money through donations one week ahead of closing its 40-day fundraising campaign, said its pastor.

Living Hope Church in Vancouver, Wash., has been meeting in a former K-Mart building since late last year. As a temporary lease agreement was coming to an end, the church was able to raise $1 million in a little more than one month to stay in the facility, September 2011.

Living Hope Church Pastor John Bishop, who wrote the book Dangerous Church, which is primarily about the risk-taking culture of his congregation, began the campaign a month ago. He not only asked the church’s 6,000 members to give to the fund, but other churches as well.
The church had to move from a former Mervyns mall store late last year after the property was bought by a movie theater company, Bishop told The Christian Post. He said the church was teetering on the possibility of being the “first homeless megachurch in the nation.”
However, since then, the church has been housed in the former K-Mart building “on a handshake” (without a lease agreement) for the first five months, and now on a purchase agreement that was due to expire this month, Bishop said.
The owner of the former K-Mart property had asked Bishop a couple months ago what the church’s “transition plan” would be considering the church would more than likely be unable to come up with enough money to purchase the building.
It was at that point that Bishop initiated a 40-day campaign to come up with the money needed to supplement the $4 million previously collected by the church to buy the building.
Source: Christian Post | Alex Murashko 

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