PODCAST — LISTEN: Daniel Whyte III Says Mrs. Ruby Gooding, the Loving Grandmother of His Daughter Danielle Tekeela(Keke), Told Him One Day While They Were Sitting on the Couch in Her Living Room Talking: “Daniel, THIS IS A PRAYING TIME.” Whyte Says She Was Right Then, and She Is Right Now. People, if There Ever Was a Time to Pray, That Time is Now.  THE WHYTE HOUSE DAILY READING OF THE CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE #815, 2 CHRONICLES 24:17-27 in THE STANDING BETWEEN THE LIVING AND THE DEAD PRAYER, DEVOTIONAL, MEMORIAL, FAMILY, EVANGELISTIC SERVICE with DANIEL WHYTE III, PRESIDENT OF GOSPEL LIGHT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL. 

Because God is Raising up His True Remnant of Believers and Even Secular People of Goodwill Against the Satanic Demonic Ever-increasing Attacks of Sodomite/Homosexual Transgender “LGBTQQIPF2SSAA+” People and So-Called Affirming False Pastors and Churches, THEREFORE, THEY ARE BEING ROUTED BY GOD AND HIS POWER. Now One of the Largest Sodomite/Homosexual “LGBTQQIPF2SSAA+” Organizations Called the Human Rights Campaign, Declares a NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY For the Sodomite/Homosexual “LGBTQQIPF2SSAA+” Community. The Human Rights Campaign is Trying to Make it Seem as Though it is Just the White Right-wing Racist Groups Who Are Opposing Them Out of Hate When in Reality, God is Using Red, Yellow, Black, and White People to Hold up the Standard of the Blood-Stained Banner to Protect Children. 

BREAKING WORLD WAR III NEWS: Putin and Russia Are Accused of Blowing up Major Dam in Southern Ukraine, Which is Flooding Out Cities, Towns, and Villages; People Are Suffering, Animals Are Dying, and the Largest Nuclear Plant in Europe is Threatened. Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says War is an Extention of Hell. There is no fairness in war. There are no rules that stick in war. So whatever comes in the wicked hearts of men to do, they will do to win. So don’t be shocked; war is an ugly, ugly business. This is why people like the great and wise Israelite, Henry Kissinger, tried multiple times to stop this war a long time ago — so has yours truly.

DAY 8 OF THE 1-DAY WEEKLY FAST AGAINST THE SATANIC SPIRIT OF WOKEISM AND OTHER ISSUES THAT WAR AGAINST THE SOUL STARTS AT MIDNIGHT, SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, 2023, UNTIL MIDNIGHT, MONDAY, JUNE 5th, 2023. This Fast Will be Every Monday and will Continue Until Monday, September 18th, 2023, When we Will Commence Another 40-Day Daniel Fast For the Fall if the Lord Tarries His Coming and we Live With Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International. THIS 1-DAY FAST IS A JUICE FAST. Our Eighth Recommended Juice is the Daniel Fast-Based — KALE ORANGE JUICE. You Are Free to Drink It Three Times Throughout the Day — One in the Morning, One at Noon, and One in the Evening as You Will Miss Three Meals. See How to Make it Below.