LET’S GET IT ON! Daniel Whyte III Agrees With CANDACE CAMERON BURE and HER HUSBAND VALERI BURE That Christian Married Sex Ought to be Celebrated and Appreciated as One of the Greatest Gifts From God. He Challenges All Biblically and Legally Married Couples, no Matter the Age, to SKIP A MEAL AND HAVE SEX INSTEAD For the Next Twenty-one Days, Using Dr. Mike Anderson’s SEX DIET in the Book THE RAVE DIET & LIFESTYLE (Below), But Understand Dr. Anderson Does Not Allow Oil or Any Kind of Meat in the Diet.

 Daniel Whyte III Says, Nobody Else is Saying it, But In Case You Are Wondering, People, the MONSTER IAN HURRICANE is a Continuation of God Lovingly and Mercifully DESTROYING and DISMANTLING America Because the So-Called Church in America Has Turned Into a JUDAS CHURCH That Has Turned its Back on Jesus Christ, and Has Not Fulfilled at All the Two Simple Mandates That Jesus Christ Left Her To do: the GREAT COMMANDMENT and the GREAT COMMISSION. The Laodicean Judas Church of Today Has Failed God, the Family, the Government, the Nation, and the World. And I Have no Fear of Successful Contradiction. People, This is Not Climate Change Because God Created the Climate and He Controls the Climate For His Purposes; Therefore, if it is Climate Change, He is the One Who is Changing the Climate. Also, Let me Help You People to Understand Something About God: GOD DOES NOT BLESS PEOPLE WITH THINGS SUCH AS HOUSES, CARS, AND LANDS FOR HIM TO TURN AROUND AND DESTROY THEM AND BLOW THEM AWAY UNLESS YOU GIVE HIM REASON TO DO SO, and That is, by Your Dishonoring Him, Disrespecting Him, and Disobeying Him. The wheels of God grind slo’ but they grind sho’.

TAIWAN IS NOT READY FOR CHINA and BIDEN AND THE U.S. SHOULD NOT MAKE PROMISES TO TAIWAN THAT THEY SHOULD NOT MAKE and that THEY ARE NOT READY TO FULFILL and WILL NOT KEEP. These Taiwanese Men Were Trained to Defend Taiwan From China; however, They Aren’t Sure They Can. Daniel Whyte III Says, This is not the mentality that you need to have when you are facing a nuclear power a hundred times bigger than you. Taiwan cannot have a “summer camp” mentality against China. Whyte tells President Tsai Ing-wen and the Taiwanese people, with love, be wise; do not poke the bear because you will be the next Ukraine trying to defend yourself by yourself with nations sending you weapons instead of fighting alongside you. Many of you are Christians. Start praying, and practice humility.

This is What You Get For Messing With the Queen After She Gave You Everything: HARRY and MEGHAN Are Busted and Demoted to the Bottom of the Royal Family’s Website and Placed Alongside Disgraced Prince Andrew. Daniel Whyte III Says, Harry, Like so Many Other Hen-pecked, Controlled, and Dominated Men, You Lost Everything Following Your Wife Queen Jezebel, and in the Process You Broke Your Grandmother’s Heart to Death. But in Her Death, She Broke You. MEGXIT!

BlackChristianNews.com (BCNN1.com) Honors Dr. John McNeal Jr. in the Same Manner we Have Honored Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Dr. Tony Evans. Among Others, Dr. John McNeal Jr. Has Been a Mentor For the Greatly Used Dr. Tony Evans and Daniel Whyte III Founder and President of BlackChristianNews.com (BCNN1.com). We give God the glory, praise, and honor for the life of Dr. John McNeal Jr, Who is still living and is now serving as pastor emeritus of the Atlanta Bible Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, which he founded. Daniel Whyte III says God used Dr. McNeal to teach him five great things by his preaching example and life, even though he was never a member of his church. 

WATCH: Black Carnegie Mellon Professor Uju Anya WHO WISHED QUEEN ELIZABETH II AN “EXCRUCIATING DEATH” Now Says it’s Racist That IRISH PEOPLE Who Were  “DANCING THE RIVERDANCE” Outside of BUCKINGHAM PALACE to the Song of “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST,” Went Viral and Was Humored Online While Black People Like Her Are “Vilified” For Posting Anything Negative Regarding Queen Elizabeth II. One Letter to Carnegie Mellon Administrators in Support of Anya Has Now Even Garnered Nearly 4,000 Signatures From Faculty Members, Students, and Other Woke Instructors From Throughout the Country. — We at BLACKCHRISTIANNEWS.COM (BCNN1.COM) Say to Uju Anya, it’s Not So Much Racism as it is the Evil, Meanness, and the Timing of Your Statement Coming From an Influential Professor About Any Human Being, Much More About the Respected and Beloved–But Not Perfect–QUEEN ELIZABETH THE GREAT. It’s Just a Matter of Common Sense and Common Decency. By the Way, When the Queen Was Alive, Did You Ever Try to Contact Her and Tell Her ‘I wish you would die an excruciating death’? Or Are You Taking Advantage of Her Death to go Viral Yourself and Get More Followers?

THE QUEEN IS DEAD: Daniel Whyte III President of Gospel Light Society International Says Queen Elizabeth II Has Met HER MAKER and Her King, the King of Kings and the Monarch of Monarchs — JESUS CHRIST and No Doubt is Welcomed by Dr. Billy Graham and Others in Heaven. The Greatest Monarch Since the Reigns of King David and King Solomon is Dead From Earth’s Perspective But More Alive Now Than Ever From Heaven’s Perspective. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Daniel Whyte III Tells “King Charles” As You Know You Are an ILLEGITIMATE KING and an ILLEGITIMATE HEAD OF THE CHURCH Because You Stole and Committed Adultery With Another Man’s Wife and You Are, According to the Bible, Living in Adultery and so is Your Wife Camilla. You Should Pass the Throne to Your Son, Prince William and Your Daughter-in-law Kate, Who is Queen Material, if you Want the Kingdom to Stay in Tact and the Church Not be Divided and Taken Over From Canterbury. You Should Also do Away With Queen Elizabeth II’s Assent to the Sanctioning of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage. If You do Not do These Things I Say With The Prophet Daniel of Old: “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN: God has numbered thy kingdom, and finished it; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”  Here is What Will Happen Over the Next TEN DAYS OF MOURNING: