Focus TV Seeks to Provide Broadcast Platform for African Pastors

Focus TVFemi Atitebi is a Nigerian believer who studied in England at the London Media Academy to become a professional TV cameraman.

After working in England for a few years, Femi decided to run his own television station called Focus TV (

“Focus TV has enabled me to get to know prophetic pastors in Nigeria and South Africa, so I am looking for more pastors to win souls to the Kingdom,” he told ANS in a ministry update.

Focus Television is a Direct-to-Home TV channel based in the UK with its headquarters in London.

Femi’s television network covers all of the African continent and most of Asia, and has more than 50 million viewers, he said.

From its base, Focus TV has delivered quality programming to the community, bringing and promoting awareness about Christianity.

“The channel concentrates on Christian activities from around the globe and many churches and individuals have benefited from our services,” Femi writes on his website.

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Source: Michael Ireland, ASSIST News Service

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