JESUS Film Project Makes Quantum Leap with New Digital Film Distribution Platform

For more than 30 years, The JESUS Film Project (JFP) has focused on carrying out one mission: to engage people with Jesus through films in their native language.

The field staff and partners have traveled the world equipped with backpacks containing the JESUS film, projectors, and movie screens, to share the story of Jesus.

Now, JFP is developing a new strategy to multiply this global reach through digital distribution, according to a media update from the ministry.

The media release says that over the years, JFP’s library has grown to include more than 40 video products in 1,136 of the world’s languages. The new technology will allow JFP the capacity to make these assets globally pervasive, so they can be seamlessly embedded in websites, cell phones and apps of ministry partners around the world.

To date, the classic JESUS film has been shown in 220 countries with more than 6 billion viewings. These innovations will allow JFP media to impact the lives of the next 6 billion people in 1/3 of the time it previously took!

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Source: Michael Ireland, ASSIST News Service

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