Is Ultrasound Treatment the Key to Treating Prostate Cancer?

Ultrasound treatment is just as effective as surgery or radiotherapy in prostate cancer but without the side effects, new research suggests.

Just like traditional treatments, all patients who receive ultrasound beams to their prostate glands are still alive five years later, a study found.

Yet, the risk of developing urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are two per cent and 15 per cent lower with ultrasound therapy, respectively, the research adds.

Lead author Professor Hashim Ahmed, from Imperial College London, said: ‘Although prostate cancer survival rates are now very good, the side effects of surgery or radiotherapy can be life-changing.

‘Some patients are left requiring multiple incontinence pads every day or with severe erectile dysfunction. This latest trial suggests we may be able to tackle the cancer with fewer side effects.’

Prostate cancer affects one in every eight men in the UK, and 11 per cent in the US, at some point in their lives.

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Source: Daily Mail