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University of California Professor Says a Couple of Glasses of Wine a Day Could Help You Live Past 90

It’s the sort of health news most would toast with a cheeky tipple – but it may have health fanatics choking on their carrot juice. Drinking a couple of glasses of wine or beer a night – while adding a... Continue Reading →


17 People Who Lost 100 Pounds — or More — Share Their Secret to Success

As a child, Laura Eastel was caught in a vicious cycle. Often bullied for being heavier than her classmates, she turned to junk food for comfort. This coping mechanism, however, made her put on more weight, which would initiate more... Continue Reading →

Teenager Reveals How he Completely Cured his Severe Acne in Eight Months After Creating his Own Budget Skincare Routine with Products That All Cost Less Than $20

A high school student who spent years battling severe acne has revealed how he completely cleared up his blemish-covered skin using cheap drugstore products costing $20 or less, posting a series of remarkable transformation photos that have left social media... Continue Reading →

Increase in Drugs, Alcohol and Suicides Contribute to Large Drop in U.S. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy in the U.S. has fallen for the second year in a row, thanks to a combination of drug and alcohol use and suicides, according to a new report released Wednesday. The drop was particularly large among middle-age white... Continue Reading →

2nd Man Has Gene Editing; Therapy Has No Safety Flags So Far

A second patient has been treated in a historic gene editing study in California, and no major side effects or safety issues have emerged from the first man’s treatment nearly three months ago, doctors revealed Tuesday. Gene editing is a... Continue Reading →

Dreaded Flu Season Takes Aim at Super Bowl: 3 Eagles Players Stricken With Virus

How bad is this year’s flu? It’s so bad, the Nevada Red Cross is recommending Super Bowl partiers “huddle up” Sunday not only with friends and beer, but with “soap and disposable hand towels.” It’s so bad that an ESPN report —... Continue Reading →

Flu Season Continues Deadly March: 16 More Children Succumb Since Last Week

The rate of hospitalizations for the flu has hit the highest levels seen since health officials started recording this data in 2010, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- another sign that this flu season could... Continue Reading →

Food to Help You Live Longer and Beat Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Dementia: by Doctor Who’s Devoted His Career to Studying How Diet Can Protect Us Against Killer Diseases What if I told you there was a miracle pill that could drastically improve your health and the length of your life? What’s more, this life-saver is cheap, readily available and comes with no debilitating side-effects. It’s been rigorously... Continue Reading →

California Sushi Eater Pulls 5-Foot Tapeworm From Intestines

A California man with a love of raw fish had a major scare when a trip to the bathroom led to a disturbing discovery. He felt ill with diarrhea when he noticed what looked like a piece of intestine hanging out of... Continue Reading →

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