There Is a Devil Loose: Family Horrified to Discover Nine-month-old Baby Is Filled With Metal Needles ‘Inserted by Carer to Ward Off Spirits’ After Mother Pulls One Out of Child’s Gums

A nine-month-old boy is fighting for his life in the Central Asian nation of Tajikistan, after doctors found ten metal needles in his body.

Mudassir Karimov’s mother first discovered a needle in the baby boy’s gums, and after rushing the baby to a hospital, x-rays revealed needles stuck in his skull, nose, legs, neck, and chest.

Doctors say the boy could not have ingested the needles by accident, and the family fear they may have been inserted by relatives or a carer to ‘ward off evil spirits’.

Surgeons at the Karabolo Hospital in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe have been able to remove six of the needles – some of which had been inside the boy long enough to become rusty.

‘We have not touched the needles in the skull and stomach, as the surgery would have taken too long,’ said head doctor Shukhrat Choriev.

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Source: Daily Mail