Woman Who Killed Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend and Blamed it On her Husband Admits She Came Up With the Plan 14 Years Earlier

A female killer who shot a woman eight times in cold blood has told Piers Morgan the murder was her idea 14 years after testifying it was her hubby’s.

A plea deal saw Ashley Humphrey testify against husband Timothy Humphrey to receive a more lenient sentence.

At the age of 20, new bride Ashley waited for bartender Sandra Rozzo to finish work and followed her to her Florida home where she shot her repeatedly at point blank range.

Sandra had been due to testify against Timothy who was facing battery and sexual assault charges at the time of her violent death in 2003.

In a sensational interview set to air on ITV’s Killer Women on Thursday Ashley reportedly confesses all to Morgan saying: “I suggested what if she were not to show up in court.

“That is where it started and it snowballed. I was the first to say it.”

The presenter told The Mirror: “Until that point, I was quite sympathetic to her claim that she had acted entirely under the manipulative influence of her nasty piece of work husband.

“But Ashley’s admission that the murder was HER idea changed everything. At that point, I realised I was dealing with a very dangerous, disturbed woman.”

Timothy is serving life in prison with no chance of parole after being convicted of first-degree murder, while Ashley received a 25 year sentence for second-degree murder and is due for release in 2028.

Morgan said the detective who investigated the case said if she had admitted it was her idea at the time, she could have received the death penalty.

Ashley told Morgan she deserved a life sentence, but insisted her husband would still be a “violent manipulator” if released.

Killer Women is set to air on ITV a 9pm on Thursday.

SOURCE: Emma Lake 
The Sun