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July 10, 2017

3 Cups of Coffee a Day Keep the Doctor Away, Studies Say

Coffee addicts and aficionados often say drinking the bitter liquid makes life worth living, but the habit may also help them live longer, according to two major international studies Monday. Experts cautioned, however, that the US and European reports, published... Continue Reading →


WATCH: ‘This Isn’t Africa’: Airbnb Landlord Pushes South African Filmmaker Down the Stairs After Late Checkout Dispute

A South African filmmaker who was seen in shocking video being pushed down the stairs by an enraged Airbnb landlord in Amsterdam on Sunday broke her silence, suggesting that the attack was unjustified and racially motivated. Sibahle Nkumbi, who also... Continue Reading →

Political Committee to Elect “The Rock” As Presidential Candidate for 2020 Officially Files with the FEC

No offense to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who from all of his interviews and assorted promotional junk seems like a genuinely nice and extremely well-meaning person, but America should probably take a break in between installing former pro wrestlers in... Continue Reading →


19-Year-Old Man Arrested on Firearms Charge, Held for $1 Million Bond as Police Search for 4 Young Men Who All Went Missing From Neighboring Pennsylvania Towns

A man has been arrested amid a police search for four young men who all vanished in the span of just three days, potentially as a result of 'foul play'. The FBI joined local officers in desperate searches underway on... Continue Reading →


Family of 39-Year-Old ‘True Blood’ Actor Reveals His Secret Battle With Addiction After He Died From Heart Failure Due to Sudden Alcohol Withdrawal

As they mourn, Nelsan Ellis' family is bravely speaking out. In the wake of the True Blood star's death on Saturday at 39 due to complications from heart failure, Ellis' family has released a statement via the actor's manager to The Hollywood Reporter, candidly... Continue Reading →


LISTEN: The Leader’s Challenge, Part 1 (Leadership That Gets the Job Done #1 with Daniel Whyte III) Ultimately, if the job is not done, goals are not reached, and the team does not win, then the leader is not doing his job well, because, as Dr. Lee Robinson or John Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls... Continue Reading →


16 People Killed in Military Plane Crash in Mississippi

A military refueling aircraft crashed Monday afternoon in a soybean field in Leflore County, killing at least 16 and leaving a debris field five miles in radius, officials said. Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Director Lee Smithson said the plane crashed... Continue Reading →


Republicans & Democrats Divided on Impact of Religion

Do churches and other religious organizations have a positive impact on the way things are going in the United States? Americans are divided on that point, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Monday (July 10) that shows they... Continue Reading →


Wildfires in California Force Nearly 8000 to Evacuate

With a heat wave continuing to bake California and the rest of the West, wildfires forced nearly 8,000 people to dash for safety Sunday as flames destroyed homes and threatened thousands of structures across the state. Along the Central Coast,... Continue Reading →


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