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July 20, 2017

Long Interview With Tim Tebow on Baseball, Football, & Life

// Tim Tebow has been playing with the St. Lucie Mets for less than a month — a very small sample size to analyze a baseball player — but the early returns are impressive. After hitting .220/.311/.336 in 64 games... Continue Reading →


Florida Couple Adopts 7 Siblings Who Were Split Among 4 Foster Homes

DaShoan and Sofia Olds have wanted to adopt since they married 13 years ago. They just didn’t know they’d be adopting seven children at once. In November 2016, DaShoan, a high-school math teacher, and Sofia, a social worker, saw a local... Continue Reading →

Stevie Wonder Quietly Marries For Third Time In Lavish Wedding

Stevie Wonder put a ring on it! The legendary 67-year-old music man wed his 42-year-old girlfriend, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, in a star-studded wedding at the Hotel Bel-Air over the weekend, reports People. The pair have two children together. The outlet also reported that the reception was decorated... Continue Reading →

Ken Ham ‘Reclaims’ Rainbow for God With Permanent Rainbow Lights on Noah’s Ark Replica; Move Riles Homosexual Community

Ken Ham, president of the Answers in Genesis Christian ministry that built the $100 million Ark Encounter biblical theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky, riled LGBT advocates Tuesday when he announced that they will be reclaiming the rainbow for God with permanent rainbow lights... Continue Reading →

Artificial Sweeteners Don’t Help People Lose Weight, Review Finds

The theory behind artificial sweeteners is simple: If you use them instead of sugar, you get the joy of sweet-tasting beverages and foods without the downer of extra calories, potential weight gain and related health issues. In practice, it's not... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: The Humanist Religion, Part 2 (A Christian Manifesto Today #21 with Daniel Whyte III) This podcast is aimed at showing Christian pastors, leaders, and individuals the devastating consequences of sitting quietly by and letting society continue to go against God and His Word. This podcast also aims to encourage Christians to be courageous,... Continue Reading →

Pray for Deon Kipping: Gospel Artist Battling Stage 3 Cancer says ‘At Times, I Just Want to Quit’

Award-winning gospel singer and composer Deon Kipping’s battle with Stage 3 cancer is wearing on him, but he has a 4-year-old son who is helping him carry on. “The process hits me hard at times, to the point I just want... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: The Leader’s Challenge, Part 5 (Leadership That Gets the Job Done #5 with Daniel Whyte III) Ultimately, if the job is not done, goals are not reached, and the team does not win, then the leader is not doing his job well, because, as Dr. Lee Robinson or John Maxwell said, “Everything rises and falls... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Punctuality, Part 1 (The Man in the Mirror #53 with Daniel Whyte III) In keeping with our theme of dealing with the man (or woman) in the mirror, we are going to continue discussing the building of important biblical character traits in your life. Today, we will begin looking at the quality... Continue Reading →

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