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July 17, 2017

SERIAL NOVEL: “The Correction” (Part 2), by Daniel Whyte III with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV — Episode #14 Now Available (Chapters 40, 41, & 42)

Click here to read the story.


SERIAL NOVEL: “The Grateful Rhyme” by Daniel Whyte III with Daniel D.P. Whyte IV and Danyel Ezekiel Whyte — Chapter 23 Now Available

Click here to read this serial novel.

LISTEN: The Pagan Reaction: Julian the Apostate, Part 1 (The History of Christianity #121 with Daniel Whyte III) Many young believers have no concept of the hundreds of years of history that Christianity had gone through since the time of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago. The purpose of this broadcast is to dispel this notion by... Continue Reading →


‘Spiritual Biography’ of Donald Trump to be Released

A book centered on the reported religious beliefs and practices of President Donald Trump and his outreach to evangelicals is expected to be published in January. Described as a "spiritual biography," the book will be coauthored by veteran CBN political... Continue Reading →


Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away Because of Missing Paperwork

Tens of thousands of people who took out private loans to pay for college but have not been able to keep up payments may get their debts wiped away because critical paperwork is missing. The troubled loans, which total at... Continue Reading →


Robbers Holding Dallas Cowboys’ Player’s Dog for Ransom

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead says his dog has been stolen and is being held for ransom. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Whitehead says his dog Blitz was being taken care of by a close friend at his house... Continue Reading →


WATCH: Gabrielle Union says her Mother Doesn’t Approve of her ‘Mary Jane’ Character Being So Sexual

Being Mary Jane returns to BET Tuesday, July 18th! The show’s star, Gabrielle Union is in full promotion mode, making a stop by the Conan show recently. Gabrielle revealed to Conan that her mother doesn’t like how sexual her character Mary Jane Paul is... Continue Reading →


WATCH: Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin Opens State-of-the-Art Recording Studio For Fo Yo Soul Entertainment In Downtown Arlington, Texas

Multi-platinum gospel artist Kirk Franklin recently completed the transformation of a vacant furniture warehouse in Downtown Arlington into a $2 million, state-of-the-art recording studio unlike any in the country today. Fo Yo Soul Entertainment, which opened in November, is located... Continue Reading →


WATCH: “The Shack” Author William Paul Young on Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Sunday’

William Paul Young, author of “The Shack” was on Super Soul Sunday July 9th with Oprah. The author discussed the story behind his bestselling book, faith & relationships, and his new book “Lies We Believe About God”. Paul says he wrote much of the The... Continue Reading →


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