Same-Sex Marriage Is Now the Law of the (U. S.) Land: What Now for Christians?


The Supreme Court has taken action on same-sex marriage, and now the church needs to take its own action.

Just now, by a vote of five to four the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same-sex couples may now marry in all 50 states, striking down the bans of states who have attempted do so. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jim Obergefell in Obergefell v. Hodges, a conglomerate of cases suing for the recognition of same-sex marriage. Read the decision here.

Here’s a bit of insight from CBS News on where the case got its name:

In the case before the court, Ohio resident Jim Obergefell is suing the state for recognition of his marriage to John Arthur. The pair were legally married in Maryland where same-sex marriage is legal, but when Arthur died two years ago the state of Ohio refused to put Obergefell’s name on the death certificate as the surviving spouse.

In 2013, when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, I reflected on how Christians might live in light of the ruling, and much of what I wrote two years ago still applies even amidst this latest ruling.

Christians have been here before—in Canada, Brazil, and in other places—and they are still on mission. And, in many of those places, the church is growing and people are coming to faith.

But, it is important to know the culture and the context of this ruling. As such, let’s review some of the most recent research in light of the ruling. In the last six months, LifeWay Research has conducted ongoing research around the topic of same-sex marriage and homosexuality, and I imagine some of these studies will become much more important in the days to come.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Ed Stetzer

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