Black Population in Austin, Texas, Declining

Black Population in Austin, Texas, Declining

Over the past 11 years, Lola Stephens-Bell has seen customers come and go in her East Austin restaurant. Over the years, things have certainly changed.

“They turned a beautiful area, a beautiful community into a snooty community,” Stephens-Bell said. “What used to be loving, friendly, family owned. Now they’re moving in with their noses up the air.”

According to the city, gentrification is one of the reasons why African-Americans are leaving Austin.

“In 2000 it’s about 9 percent, and within a few decades, they project that the community will make about 5 percent,” Hakeem Adewumi with the Austin Black Chamber of Commerce said.”Oh my goodness, that’s terrible.”

The city’s demographer found that if this trend continues, the black population will soon be the smallest minority group in Austin. The demographer says tech jobs that are out of reach and distrust of police are also fueling the exodus.

“It’s easy to see, honestly, it’s very easy to walk around Austin and not be able to find anyone who looks like me,” Adewumi said. “It makes me feel excluded.”

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Source: TWC News | Victoria Maranan

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