Kierra Sheard Not Happy About “Preachers Of L.A.” Backlash; ‘Every Pastor Is Not Dishonest,’ She Says

Kierra Sheard

One thing she’s not too happy about is the backlash religious reality shows like Preachers Of L.A. attracts from viewers.

As a pastor’s daughter, she weighed in on whether or not wealthy preachers are sending the wrong message with their mansions and Mercedes’.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being successful because The Bible talks about being wealthy. The Bible says money is the answer to all things and in this life, it is. You have to get a job that will pay you so you can live comfortably. If you understand your purpose in life and understand who God is in your life, I don’t think money should affect your faith in any way,” she says.

“The way we worship the Lord is by being good managers of what God has given us. if God gives me a million dollars and makes me a millionaire, then I ask, in what way am I giving to those in need? In what way am I managing my money well so i’m not in a rut? In what way am I worshipping the Lord with my money?”

According to Kierra, plenty of preachers have been been judged too harshly for their lifestyle choices.

“Every pastor is not dishonest. I think it’s very unfair that the world casts that judgment on the shepherds. That’s not fair. What about the pastor that builds a church and builds his business outside of the church? Can he not do that?,” she says.

“Having that fear of God and respect for him is important. I don’t think having money and buying a Mercedes means you’re not a Christian. Your walk is built into your character. Those material things have nothing to do with your character. I don’t think there’a nothing wrong with wearing red-bottoms. We like nice things. Even a poor person likes nice things.”

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SOURCE: Cocoafab
Cortney M. Wills

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