Homeschool Entrepreneurs Have a New Marketing Opportunity Through the Home Learning Store

Home Learning Store Logo
Home Learning Store Logo

The Home Learning Association, an inclusive nationwide homeschool organization, has opened the Home Learning Store to provide homeschoolers with access to items of particular interest to them but now it also offers its members with the opportunity to market their products through the store to reach the homeschool market.

The Home Learning Store, which offers homeschoolers access to a wide range of useful homeschooling products, is now offering parent entrepreneurs with an opportunity to market their homeschool relevant products and services through its on-line store. J. Allen Weston, Executive Director of the Home Learning Association (HLA) that created the Store explains that “While the vendor section of the store offers many fine products from companies that we have affiliate relationships with our main objective is to help our members to earn extra money by helping them market their products and services to the homeschool community.”

The HLA is a strong advocate of entrepreneurial endeavors and offers its member students a variety of fundraising options. It is also creating a “Future Business Leaders” program for homeschoolers but many of their parents are very talented at making everything from toys to course material that would be of particular interest to other homeschoolers. Many are very accomplished business owners and understand the value of having an additional showcase for their products and services. The HLA created the Home Learning Store to assist those parents to gain an additional income source while helping other homeschoolers to have access to even more unique and useful products.

The HLA does not look to profit from sales that entrepreneurial parents make through the site but the HLA does charge a five percent fee to cover the cost of maintaining and promoting the site. As the amount of business through the site increases the fees will drop accordingly.

Currently the Vendor section of the store includes offers for adventures & trips, arts and crafts, books, courses and learning aids, healthy snacks, games, magazines, safety products and services, products for special needs children, survival and camping products as well as other general merchandise. Entrepreneurial parents who offer their own products and services in any of these areas should contact the HLA to get them showcased in the Store. There is no cost to list the products on the site. The processing fee only applies after a sale has been made. Those interested should contact the HLA.

About the Home Learning Association

The HLA is the first nationwide organization to assist in organizing, coordinating and advancing the growing homeschool movement for all homeschoolers. It offers comprehensive programs, activities and resources not previously available on a nationwide basis. It was founded and is run by the Weston family, a veteran homeschooling family of seventeen years. Started by homeschoolers for all homeschoolers, the Association partners with over a dozen affiliated companies to ensure that all of the homeschooling communitys needs are met. To obtain more information, please visit our website at, find us on Facebook, check out our YouTube channel or find us on Twitter (@TerraScholar).

Source: PRWEB

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