WATCH: Family Fall to Their Deaths in Flood After Bridge Collapses in India

A mother, father and child have died after a bridge collapsed as they crossed into a neighbouring village when their home was flooded.

The trio are holding hands as they try to get to the other side and safety as they carry some of their belongings.

Another family had successfully crossed just moments earlier and crowds were gathered on both sides as the evacuation got underway.

But as the family are just inches from safety, the concrete gives way beneath them and they fall into the fast flowing river in the Bihar area of northern India, which borders Nepal.

A single bridge provided the only route across the river Kosi and locals were forced to run across, despite the river undercutting its foundations.

An eyewitness said: “People were fleeing to safer places as rain water drowned their houses.

“They are at a loss as to what to take and what to leave behind.

“The bridge connects two villages.

“Several people were furtively crossing the bridge over the angry river but it did not stay resilient for long and gave way just when the woman was attempting to cross it.

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Source: The Mirror