Joel Osteen Doesn’t See Himself as a “Prosperity Preacher”, Says He Specifically Stays Away from the Topic of Money

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Joel Osteen, pastor of the largest Protestant church in the United States, has refuted accusations of being a so-called “prosperity preacher.”

Osteen’s church sees an average weekly attendance of over 43,000 people; he is the author of numerous bestselling books and his sermons are featured weekly on several television networks. Christianity Today reports that Osteen is worth about $40 million.

In the past, Osteen has been criticized for believing in the prosperity gospel, a doctrine that says God financially blesses those who tithe large amounts.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Osteen said, “I don’t like that term [prosperity preacher]. “I specifically stay away [from the topic of money] because people are already skeptical.”

“But prosperity to me means good relationships, it’s having health, it’s accomplishing your dreams, it’s having money to pay your bills, it’s being blessed so you can be a blessing.”

Osteen emphasized that Christians who are blessed with wealth have an obligation to use money to God’s glory.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Carrie Dedrick

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