Bishop T. D. Jakes Challenges Congregation to ‘Have Dinner With Your Family’ During Holy Week


Research shows that most families gather around the table and eat dinner together most nights of the week. For those that don’t, mega pastor Bishop TD Jakes, 56, is issuing his very own Holy Week challenge: eat dinner at home with the family at least once.

During Palm Sunday worship on April 13, after the charismatic preacher observed that, “This is the week that we set aside and we worship, and we honor, and recognize the extreme price that Christ paid for us,” he made the special appeal.

“I’m going to challenge you this week, even if this is not normally your custom, to have dinner with your family this week,” Jakes said. “Just bring them around the table and sit down, and eat, and have a word of prayer.”

Does that mean break out the good china, grandma’s special recipes and whip up a Thanksgiving Day spread fit for kings and queens? Well, not necessarily—unless, of course, you want to. “If it’s one time, if it’s a chili dog, do it together,” Jakes said. “Let’s have a worship experience all week long.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News
Laura Evans

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