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February 16, 2012

After Singing “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” at Kelly Price’s Pre-Grammy Party, Whitney Houston Reportedly Told Friends, “I’m Gonna Go See Jesus … I Want to See Jesus”

Whitney Houston told friends she "really wanted to see Jesus" in the days before her death ... and claimed she had a feeling the end was near for her ... this according to several of Whitney's friends.  TMZ has learned... Continue Reading →


Divorce Case Between Eddie and Vanessa Long Has Been Closed and Dismissed

The divorce case between Georgia megachurch pastor Eddie Long and wife Vanessa Long has been closed and dismissed, according to the DeKalb County Online Judicial System. However, there remains a possibility the case could continue in the future. According to... Continue Reading →

Lin, Tebow, and Soul-Winning

by Bryan CribbHave you caught Linsanity yet? Unless you live life with sports blinders, you probably have at least noticed the meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin, starting point guard of the New York Knicks as of only a week or... Continue Reading →

Richard Land Denounces National Healthcare Law

Southern Baptist Convention ethicist Richard Land denounced the national health care law for its infringement of religious liberty during a chapel sermon at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Feb. 14. According to guidelines announced by the U.S. Department of Health and... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming “True Truth” – Francis Schaeffer’s Challenge to the Church

Historic Christianity, biblical Christianity, believes that Christianity is not just doctrinal truth, but flaming truth--true to what is there, true to the great final environment, the infinite-personal God." Thus said the great prophet of the 20th century, Francis Schaeffer, whose... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Nearly 200 Christian Inmates Killed in Tragic Fire

A massive fire in a Honduran prison has killed at least 358 prisoners, many trapped in their cells, yelling for help as the flames engulfed them. The tragedy took place Tuesday night in the Comayagua farm prison some 90 miles... Continue Reading →

WATCH: New Bill Called the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act Could Reverse Obama’s Birth Control Mandate

Members of Congress who oppose President Barack Obama's birth control coverage mandate that would force employers to purchase contraceptives for their workers are taking legislative action. The Respect for Rights of Conscience Act exempts any employer who has religious or... Continue Reading →

TBN Spokesperson Calls Accusation of Misused Funds ‘a Lie’

A spokesperson for the Trinity Broadcasting Network says claims that directors for the broadcast ministry illegally used charitable assets for their own use is "a bold faced lie." CBN News reported over the weekend that the granddaughter of TBN founders... Continue Reading →

Mark Driscoll Responds to Accusations that Mars Hill Church Is a ‘Cult’

Senior pastor of Mars Hill church, Mark Driscoll, and other church leaders responded in a joint statement Monday to the recent media reports that describe the discipline within the church as "cult-like." In the midst of the controversy is a... Continue Reading →

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