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February 7, 2012

Rick Whips Mitt Across the Midwest

A resurgent Rick Santorum has been declared the winner in three states, raising questions about Mitt Romney's appeal with conservatives at the core of the Republican Party. Voters in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado chose Santorum.Romney placed second in two of... Continue Reading →


Richard Land says Obama Abortion Rule Would Force Religious Organizations to Pay for Abortions

by Richard Land and Barrett Duke President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services has issued a requirement that all insurance plans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as Obamacare, cover free-of-charge certain so-called "contraceptives"... Continue Reading →

Hispanic Ministries Deal with Immigration Laws

Fearful members. Declining church attendance. Concerned pastors. Uncertain futures. Despite dramatic changes in the life of many Hispanic congregations in Alabama with the new immigration law, the news isn't all bad. "A lot of people left," Carlos Gomez said of... Continue Reading →

Kobe has Been Justified Down at the Church

San Diego prosecutors won't file criminal charges against Kobe Bryant after reviewing allegations by a man who accused the Los Angeles Lakers star of injuring him during a scuffle at church. The city attorney's office said Tuesday that there was... Continue Reading →

Obama Mandate Violates Religious Liberty

The Southern Baptist Convention's benefits entity has joined the growing chorus of evangelical and Roman Catholic voices publicly protesting the Obama administration's mandate that health insurance plans cover contraceptives, including ones that can cause abortions. GuideStone Financial Resources, which provides... Continue Reading →

Anabaptists Get Credit Due to them from Rick Warren and Others

Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., and author of "The Purpose Driven Life," says that the 16th-century Anabaptists shaped his Purpose Driven model for the church. More than 500 students, faculty members and guests from around... Continue Reading →

Who is Glenn Beck to Call Roland Martin an Idiot?

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck jumped into the scandal surrounding a tweet sent out by CNN's Roland Martin during the Super Bowl. Martin tweeted that anyone who was "excited" by David Beckham's underwear ad should have the "ish"... Continue Reading →

True Love Waits

February sometimes is called the "month of love," with Valentine's week especially being a time when people not only send cards and gifts to loved ones, but also when families and churches give special attention to the meaning of true... Continue Reading →

The Difference Between Good Tired and Bad Tired

Note: This article is excerpted from Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God's Transforming Presence. I am often asked, "What if I spend time in solitude and fall asleep?" Perhaps the most spiritual thing we could do is get more rest... Continue Reading →

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