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February 21, 2012

‘Heaven Is for Real’ Tops ‘The Shack’ Record

Young Colton Burpo's account of heaven continues to draw readers, now topping the New York Times Paperback Nonfiction list for 53 weeks, non-consecutively. With 172 weeks in total on the New York Times' Paperback Fiction list, William P. Young's 2008... Continue Reading →


Smashwords Passes Milestone

Since it was officially launched four years ago at the Tools of Change conference by Mark Coker, Smashwords has distributed 100,000 e-books, a milestone it passed earlier this week. According to the company, over 35,000 authors, small publishers and literary... Continue Reading →

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Turns 88, Vowing to Cling to Power

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe turned 88 on Tuesday, vowing to stay in power despite grumbling inside his party that he should hand over to a younger leader, and international condemnation of his economic and human rights record. Mugabe said he... Continue Reading →

Nigeria Steps Up Security After Market Attack Killed 30

Security forces patrolled an extensive market in Nigeria's northeastern city of Maiduguri on Tuesday where an assault by suspected Islamists killed some 30 people, vendors and residents said. Gunmen believed to be members of the Islamist sect Boko Haram on... Continue Reading →

Talk With Your Spouse Now About Retirement Plans

There are many reasons I agreed to marry my husband, but one thing that clinched it for me was his answer to a question I asked early in our courtship. "Where do you see yourself when you retire?" I wondered."I... Continue Reading →

Whole Foods Up, Wal-Mart Down In Customer Satisfaction Survey

We've been hearing a lot of potentially positive news about the economy lately, and that may be trickling down to the grocery store level. A new survey finds that even though food prices are going up, Americans are more satisfied... Continue Reading →

Class Warfare African-American Style

The New York Times recently featured an innovative MBA program at George Washington University. Not only was the course of study designed to enhance the professional business skills of its participants, it hoped to teach personal business and economics to... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Anthony Evans Competing On ‘The Voice’

The Voice's Anthony Evans has joked that he would rather not hear that a mentor nearly pressed their button during his blind audition.  The singer from Dallas, Texas became a member of Christina Aguilera's team on Monday night (February 20)... Continue Reading →

Oscar Voters Are Mainly White Males

A study of Academy Awards voters has found that it's not a very diverse group that hands out Hollywood's highest honors. The Los Angeles Times found that 94 percent of the 5,765 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture... Continue Reading →

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