Abortion Rate Down 12% in U.S.


The rate of abortions has declined across almost all of the US since 2010, a new survey from the Associated Press has found.

Abortions have decreased 12% in both liberal and conservative-run states.

Laws across US states make it harder or easier to obtain contraception or get an abortion.

One factor behind the abortion decline is the fall in the teenage pregnancy rate, which reached its lowest mark for decades in 2010.

Supporters of abortion rights say the fall in terminations is due to increased access to contraceptives.

Opponents says more women are carrying unplanned pregnancies to full term.

In Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Oklahoma – states notorious in the US for being aggressively anti-abortion – abortion has dropped 15% since 2010.

The situation in liberal states like New York, Washington and Oregon mirrors that trend, even though it is easier to get an abortion in those states.

In 2010, the teen pregnancy rate in the US was the lowest it has been in decades, and has continued to drop, which could be one reason for the decrease in abortions.

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