Author Dr. Corletta Vaughn Celebrates the Release of Her New Book, “Teach Your Daughters to Fly”

Teach Your Daughters to Fly

Author and Pastor Corletta Vaughn is excited to release her new book, Teach Your Daughter to Fly, in which she hopes to help fathers realize the importance of their participation in their daughters’ lives and show them how to strengthen their relationships.

Dr. Corletta Vaughn did not let the fact that she was a woman stop her from achieving her goals. A lifelong believer, Corletta knew that she was meant for a higher purpose, and so she sought to become a preacher. She shattered the stained glass ceiling of the church world when she became a female preacher against her Baptist church’s strict rules and has been dedicated to the cloth for over 40 years.

Teach Your Daughter to Fly is a book that really explains to dads how important they are to a daughter’s development and growth. Corletta shows fathers how to engage with their daughters on a different level – a destiny level. Girls can accomplish great things in challenging places, and they will need their father’s input and presence in their lives in order to help them succeed.

Corletta Vaughn:
Dr. Vaughn is the Senior Pastor of the Holy Ghost Cathedral of Faith and Apostle of Go Tell It Evangelistic Ministry, Worldwide. She offers uncompromised preaching and teaching of the Word of God through her worldwide ministry and has been a pioneer in the world of women in ministry. Corletta was elevated to Bishop in Nigeria in 1995. Her book Teach Your Daughters to Fly is available now through Next Century Publishing. To find out more about Corletta and her book visit


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