Jeff Powell is Helping Military Veterans Start Their Own Business

Jeff Powell and his book that helps Military veterans start a business
Jeff Powell and his book that helps Military veterans start a business

What would you do if you were disabled and then honorably discharged from the Military? Would you take a bow, graciously acknowledge you’ve served your country, completed your Tour of Duty to the best of your ability, and now comfortably (or not) relax while relying on others to take care of you?Would you live in the past, bound by all kinds of anxieties and fears, angry and frustrated with society and the state you find yourself in; or in the present, bound by boundless challenges and obstacles, all as your now less-than-normal life goes on without you and your former self?

Or would you heed the call, and honor the request, of your Commanding Officer’s final parting words?

Well, instead of admitting defeat and giving up, that is what Jeff Powell did, and this is his story:

Jeff was stationed in California, serving the US Navy Seabees when he became disabled, and upon his discharge, his Commanding Officer made a final, parting request. He asked Jeff to continue supporting Military men and women, as well as his future veterans.

Jeff accepted this challenge gladly, committed wholeheartedly, and helping others has now become his life’s mission. Even after he became disabled, having to deal with his disability, and pulling through other hardships such as becoming homeless, readjusting to society, and caring for his ailing mother, Jeff’s CO’s words remained clear to him.

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Source: Black News

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