New Campaign Challenges Facebook Users to Quit Facebook for 99 Days and Be Able to Live a Happier Life


Would you quit Facebook for three months if it meant that you’d be a happier person? Better yet, could you quit Facebook for that long?

A new campaign, launched in response to the social network’s controversial emotion experiment, challenges Facebook users to refrain from using the site for 99 days and report back on how the hiatus affected their mood. That’s right — no status updates, no stalking exes and frenemies, no annoying Candy Crush Saga invitations — for three whole months.

If that sounds like bliss, head over to the campaign’s website to join the experiment, dubbed 99 Days of Freedom. Participants are asked to post a “time-off” image as their profile picture and create a personal countdown to share on the social network, letting all your friends know what’s up.

From there, you’ll receive anonymous “happiness surveys” at the 33-, 66-, and 99-day marks. The results will be posted to the group’s website as they’re compiled. There’s also a message board through which participants can anonymously share how the break from Facebook is affecting their lives.

The experiment is the brainchild of Just, a creative agency based in Leiden, The Netherlands, and it actually started off as an office joke.

Click here to read more.

Angela Moscaritolo

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