Talk Show Host Accuses Rev. Frank Ray of Being a Pimp and Liar as Pastor Works to Defend His Reputation

Frank Ray

The harsh talk and fervent accusations in an ongoing feud between a Memphis mega-church pastor and a talk show host heated up following a sermon on Sunday with hellfire-like accusations.

Thaddeus Matthews, host of his own talk show, came out swinging this week at Rev. Frank Ray, pastor of the New Salem Missionary Church, after Matthews was one of several people pictured on the large screen surrounded by flames as if in hell.

According to posts on Facebook made by Matthews, Ray told his congregation to lace up the boxing gloves for a battle against those pictured.

Matthews quickly posted about Ray’s sermon.

“Pimping Pastor Frank E. Ray who is being accused of rape of the two daughters of Trence Beal according to a police report,” Mathews posted on his Facebook site, “on yesterday during morning worship put my picture along with the picture of Beal with fire around us on a screen so that he could tell his congregation that Beal and myself are of the devil.”

He then issued several posts showing Ray’s earnings, his financial records,and allegations that hundreds of thousands of church dollars are going to Ray’s personal expenses. In a couple of posts Matthews videotapes himself speaking out against Ray, cursing the pastor and saying he intends to increase the public pressure. Among other derogatory names Matthews calls Ray a “false prophet” who is using his church money, power and even women for his own enjoyment.

Matthews’ feud with Ray goes back at least two years, when in June 2012, he dedicated a show called “Frankie Ray exposed,” which got develed into Ray’s sex life, marriages and divorces, the costs of building the church and millions spent.

“Pimping Rayalso told the congregation to take the gloves off and fight ‘cause he has hired a high price attorney to fight me and the charges against him,” Matthews posted. “Pastor Ray can kiss my ass and call it sweet because the allegations are public information.”

The public feud recently pulled in television personality, Judge Joe Brown, who being interviewed on another program said the region lacks strong black leadership.

“Thadeaus Matthews, local radio personality, he’s a guy trying to improve his ratings and make his money at the expense at the people,” Brown said. “He’s railing because he’s lost control and he looks a little foolish.”

Brown also noted that Matthews faced criminal charges.

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SOURCE: All Christian News
Andrew Scot Bolsinger

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