WATCH: “Preacher’s Exes” Trailer Released

Preacher’s Exes

Move over L.A. Preachers, Preacher’s Daughters, Housewives , Hollywood Exes and Love and Hip Hop.

Here comes the holy truth!

There is a new show being kicked around that is set for air and signing any day now. It’s called Preacher’s Exes.

The cast of the Preacher’s Exes currently stands as Lynn Littlejohn, Ysidra M. Kyles, daughter of Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) in Houston, Texas Rufus Kyles, Rochelle Wallace, DiShan Winters, and Cheron K Griffin II.

In the teaser reel of the show Griffin talks in a group therapy session about being in the hospital after the birth of her third child, recovering from having her tubes tied, while her preacher husband was at home, watching pοrn and soliciting sεx. Those experiences are exactly what the church refuses to deal with, Griffin says, and in part, her motivation for the reality show.

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Oretha Winston

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