Bishop T. D. Jakes’ Leadership Philosophy

T. D. Jakes (The Hollywood Reporter)
T. D. Jakes (The Hollywood Reporter)

As a bishop, T.D. Jakes’ leadership style has attracted 30,000 members to his Dallas mega-church, The Potter’s House. As a businessman, he also helms a multi-million dollar portfolio of conferences, films, books and other media.

Jakes is the latest interviewee in The Washington Post’s ongoing “On Leadership” video series, which explores the personal experiences that have shaped prominent figures’ character and views on leadership. In the video here, Jakes talks about how his leadership style as a preacher didn’t work as effectively in projects outside the church, and how he adjusted his approach.

In his newly published book, Instinct, Jakes dedicates a chapter to leading. Here are 10 quotes from the book that highlight his philosophy:

1. “Unfortunately, much of what I see today isn’t about fulfilling one’s true potential as much as it is about appearing to fulfill what other people expect.”

2. “We instinctively know how to lead if we allow ourselves. …When instincts are ignored, leaders become followers, and followers become unemployed.”

3. “Anything that we do for years that doesn’t match the inner imprint of our gifting will eventually become monotonous and routine, ritualistic and frustrating.”

4. “The same proclivities that made me an effective pastor didn’t necessarily produce the skill set required for greater leadership of my business team and personal staff. …I had to learn to distinguish ministry from management and potlucks from portfolios.”

5. “Leadership emerges not only when an individual can capably do what needs doing; the real test is passed when a person can implement what needs to be done through others.”

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SOURCE: The Washington Post
Lillian Cunningham

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