Crazytime: Rush Limbaugh says Hillary Clinton Didn’t Want to Designate Boko Haram as a Terrorist Group Because ‘They Look Like African-Americans’; Calls Boko Haram Leader ‘a Good-Looking Guy’

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Rush Limbaugh joined the ranks of conservative pundits using the kidnapping of dozens of Nigerian schoolgirls by extremist group Boko Haram as an excuse to criticize Democrats on his radio show Monday, and managed to bring race into the mix. 

“The jihad aspect of Boko Haram is almost completely ignored by the White House and the media, and I can tell you why. I just saw why,” he said, while talking about the new video released by the group Monday.

“The Boko Haram leader, or whoever Boko Haram has perform on video is a good-looking guy,” he continued. “This is why Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t call this group a terrorist group, because they’re black. Can’t afford to do that. This is how surface-conscience the left is.”

“We cannot call people what they are, in this case a jihadist, anti-Christian terror group aligned with al-Qaida,” he continued. “We can’t call them terrorist because they look like African Americans, and we just can’t go there.”

Boko Haram was not designated as a terrorist organization by the State Department until November 2013, months after Hillary Clinton stepped down as secretary of state. A State Department spokesperson noted last week that Secretary Clinton designated three Boko Haram leaders in 2012 and said “I think an important reminder here is designations are just one tool we use to fight terrorism.

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SOURCE: Morgan Whitaker 

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