Mozilla Gives Up on Developing “Metro” Firefox for Windows 8

After nearly two years, Mozilla has decided to throw in the towel on its effort to build a hybrid browser that would compete with Internet Explorer 11 on touch-enabled Windows 8 devices. The stated reason? A profound lack of interest.

After two years of struggling to build a hybrid Firefox for Windows 8, Mozilla has finally thrown in the towel.

Firefox Vice President Johnathan Nightingale made the announcement today in a post titled “Metro,” on Mozilla’s Future releases blog.

Earlier this week, I asked our engineering leads and release managers to take the Windows Metro version of Firefox off the trains. The team is solid and did good work, but shipping a 1.0 version, given the broader context we see for the Metro platform, would be a mistake.

The decision means that Firefox will continue to be developed for the Windows desktop platform without the significant burden of building an additional version that would use the same rendering engine but run in the touch-friendly but significantly more constrained Windows Store (née Metro) environment, alongside other Windows 8 native apps.

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SOURCE:   for The Ed Bott Report 

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