FMI Buys Land for Church Planters in Bangladesh

Photo courtesy of FMI

Church building is officially in the works in Bangladesh, but what makes it different this time around? FMI typically supplies church planters with funds to get building materials, but in Bangladesh, they are helping with the land purchase.

“So Bangladesh is a very small country. So when we start a church, but they say they don’t have enough room,” Rajib with FMI says. “For this reason, it’s very difficult for us. And land is so very high. For this reason, if we got land, we can build a church.”

Bangladesh is full of hill and plain areas, which can differ in price drastically. Plain areas are hard to come by and are not affordable. With help from FMI, they are able to purchase plots to begin building. The church builders are able to acquire their own building materials.

Getting land is not the only obstacle church planters’ face. Persecution is still rampant in many of the Buddhist and Hindu communities.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Briana Dortch


  • Pray for steadfastness and spiritual growth.
  • Pray that land will be found and secured for church building, despite persecution.
  • Pray that the Buddhist and Hindu communities will be receptive to the Gospel.