Coptic Christians Show Faith in Jesus With Ancient Tattoo Tradition

Coptic Christians in Egypt enter into this year’s Islamic celebrations of Ramadan under intense pressure, a persecution watchdog group has said, but they are showing their faith in Jesus by continuing a centuries-old tattoo tradition.

Open Doors USA said on Tuesday, the start of Ramadan, that the minority Copts have faced brutal terror attacks on churches and their communities over the past couple of years, with the Islamic State terror group spreading its influence into Egypt.

Instead of cowering in fear, however, many Copts, including children, are preserving the centuries-old tradition of getting tattooed on their wrist with a symbol of a cross.

Originally, when Egypt went from being a largely Christian country to a Muslim one, Christians were tattooed to show their identity and they were required to pay a tax because of their faith, according to the watchdog group.

Today, the Copts are choosing to tattoo their faith as a way to honor the dead and show their faithfulness to Jesus no matter what they are facing.

“To bear a symbol that will never go away means, no matter what, you carry with you a reminder of your commitment to God — and His commitment to you,” Open Doors explained.

“The declaration of your faith is public and available for all to see; there is no hiding your allegiance to Christ when it’s permanently marked on your hand.”

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Source: Christian Post