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Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels

Last night, Willow Creek Community Church made a promise to its members following the early departure of its founder and senior pastor, Bill Hybels. “Even though Bill is no longer in his role, our work to resolve any shadow of... Continue Reading →


Ed Stetzer Interviews Brian Stiller on New Book ‘From Jerusalem to Timbuktu: a World Tour of the Spread of Christianity’

Ed: What led you to write From Jerusalem to Timbuktu? Brian: North America media promotes the perception that the church is slowly dying. But in my travels, I see amazing communities of faith. In Latin America in 1900, there were 50,000... Continue Reading →

CBS Pulls TV Show ‘Living Biblically,’ Replaces it With ‘Big Bang Theory’ Reruns

CBS has pulled its new comedy series "Living Biblically" off the network's primetime schedule and replaced it with reruns of the "Big Bang Theory."  According to Variety, "Big Bang Theory" reruns will air in Monday's "Living Biblically" timeslot for the next... Continue Reading →

Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch to Release Film on Tumultuous Life & Career Which Ultimately Led Him to His Christian Faith

Guitarist and co-founder of the metal band Korn, Brian 'Head' Welch, announced this week that a new documentary chronicling his chaotic life which ultimately led him to his Christian faith will premiere during two film festivals in May. "Loud Krazy... Continue Reading →

School Bus Driver Who Is Also Pastor Pulled Off Route for Praying With Students

A Minnesota school bus driver who is also the pastor of a church has been taken off his route because he was leading students in prayer while driving. George Nathaniel, a 54-year-old bus driver of a Brooklyn Park charter school... Continue Reading →

Friends of Southwest Pilot Tammie Jo Shults Say She Gives ‘God the Credit’ for Safely Landing Plane

Tammie Jo Shults, the pilot who safely landed Southwest flight 1380 after the plane's left engine exploded, is giving "God all the credit" after the frightening incident, according to her Christian friends. "We have a Lord that transcends our daily... Continue Reading →

Franklin Graham Emphasizes Theological Meaning of Evangelicalism in Response to Wheaton Meeting

Days after some 50 evangelical leaders gathered at Wheaton College in Illinois to discuss the state of evangelicalism in the Trump era, prominent evangelist Franklin Graham decided to weigh in on "what is evangelical?"  As the meeting, which took place Monday and... Continue Reading →

Senators Call for Sanctions Against Turkey for ‘Hostage-Taking’ of American Pastor Andrew Brunson

Two senators, one Republican and the other a Democrat, have called for targeted sanctions against Turkey for the imprisonment of American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was arrested in December 2016 on false charges of espionage and terrorism. Sens. James Lankford,... Continue Reading →

GQ Editors Attack the Bible as ‘Foolish Book’ Not Worth Reading

GQ magazine editors have published a list of 21 books they say aren't worth reading despite them being seen as the great books. The Bible is listed at No. 12 because, they claim, it's "not the finest thing that man... Continue Reading →

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