In New Book, “The Prophet and the President,” BCNN1 Editors, Who Did Not Know Eddie Long Personally and Who Admit that Only God Knows What Happened, Reveal That They Discerned, Suspected, and Recorded in in 2010 That the Allegations Against Bishop Eddie Long Were Probably a Hit Job by Those Who Supported President Obama’s Secret Homosexual Agenda to Break Down the Black Church’s Opposition to Homosexuality (They Tried the Same Thing With Jesse Jackson); Read an Excerpt from the Book Which Includes a Gospel Pamphlet Written the Day After the Scandal Broke to Help Point People to God and Not Get Caught Up in the Scandal, Titled “Even if Eddie Long is Wrong, God is Still Strong”; After the Scandal Broke, it Became Easier for President Obama to Push his Secret Homosexual Agenda and the Abomination of Homosexual Marriage Onto the Nation Which he Lied to the Black Church About Supporting During his Campaign and Which We Believe is the Reason Why God Did Not Allow him to Become a Transformative President and Destroyed his Legacy