Tech Trends to Get Excited About in 2017


The new year is nearly upon us, and with a new year comes new tech trends. While there’s not a whole lot new and life-changing on the horizon, there’s plenty of tech wishes we have for the coming year. With most of 2016 done, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect, too. Here’s our list of five trends for the coming year and how we expect them to change the tech landscape.

OLED screens everywhere
In 2016, OLED TVs came down in price considerably. While smaller devices like phones have more commonly had OLED screens, it’s likely we’ll see OLEDs of all sizes become more affordable. OLED offers stunning picture quality and amazingly rich blacks in a way that current LED-backlit screens simply can’t.

If you’re doubtful of the mainstreaming of OLED, consider that Apple’s put it into the Apple Watch and rumors indicate the next iPhone could also pack an OLED. This is the future display technology we’ve been waiting for, and 2017 could be the year OLED really hits the big time.

HDR steps into the limelight
While 4K is getting traction, there’s one tech we’re even more excited for: HDR. Content with high dynamic range is brighter and more colorful, and it truly makes a difference over the current in-home standards we’re all accustomed to. While the new Sony Playstation 4 Pro won’t be able to take advantage of 4K HDR Blu-Rays, the Microsoft Xbox One S is ready and able to play these movies on a 4K TV in all their glory. The final piece of the puzzle will be improved streaming selection, which, even from big players like Netflix, a little thin as we move into the new year.

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SOURCE:, Brendan Nystedt