Evangelical Leaders Say ‘Here We Stand and So Should You’


Evangelical theologians who firmly hold to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture are preparing to help fellow believers stand firm in their faith amid an increasingly hostile culture.

Dr. R. C. Sproul, who will be leading Ligonier Ministries’ West Coast Conference in June, argues that while Christians should “live peaceably with all,” there are times “when we have to contend for the faith.”
And that time is now, he indicated in a Friday broadcast of Ligonier Ministries’ “Renewing Your Mind.”
“Christians in our day and in our world and in our culture have to disabandon themselves of this idea that we are living in the cradle of a Christian culture,” he said. “We are not. We are living in a culture that is not simply indifferent to the Christian faith but it is actively hostile.”
He pointed to the increasing push for the separation of church and state and the “new atheists,” whom Sproul describes as having an “extraordinary sense of boldness,” as examples of hostility toward Christianity.
He said of the new atheists: “They wouldn’t be able to have that boldness if they didn’t already understand that the culture is basically with them.”
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Lillian Kwon