12th Anniversary of God Seekers Movement Marked by Prayer Conference in Kiev


Celebrates the 12th Anniversary of the God Seekers Movement
A unique conference timed to coincide with the 12th anniversary celebration of the God Seekers Movement, a unified prayer group of believers praying for revival — http://godseekers.net — took place in Kiev, Ukraine, on August, 4-6, 2011.

Many Christians came out to hear the speakers who were: Rick Renner, President of the Good News Association; Paul Zink, Archbishop of the “New Life Christian Fellowship”, Jacksonville, FL; Sharon Zink, Pastor of the “New Life Christian Fellowship”, Jacksonville, FL; Sergey Shidlovski, Leader and Founder of the God Seekers Movement, Ukraine; Dwayne Roberts, Mike Bickle Ministry’s official, IHOP (International House of Prayer, USA), Kansas City; Benjamin Brukh, Bishop of the Calvary Fellowship Churches, Ukraine; Yevgeny Pugach, Pastor of the Light to the World Church, Ukraine, where the God Seekers Movement began.
At the event, part of the celebration was the ordination of Sergey Shidlovski, which was conducted by Paul Zink, with the assistance of Rick Renner, the God Seekers Movement board of directors, Jewish Messianic Communities and Ukrainian Interchurch Council, which consists of 18 church’s unions and missions.
David Yonggi Cho, Senior Pastor of the world’s largest church (Yoido Full Gospel Church, in Seoul, South Korea) sent Sergey Shidlovskiy a letter of congratulation.
Rick Renner noted: “You must be here. I advise you to attend such meetings, if you want to grow spiritually. It was a privilege to lay hands on Sergey Shidlovski and to reaffirm God’s call on his life.”
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SOURCE: ASSIST News Service 
Victoria Uzunova of the Christian Telegraph (www.christiantelegraph.com) 

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