Canadian Parents File Complaint Against Gender Clinic and Surgeons Marketing Transgender Surgeries to Teens on Instagram

A coalition of parents in Canada filed a complaint against a gender clinic and two of its surgeons who use gruesome photos in their marketing of transgender surgeries to young people on Instagram.

The complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario highlights the McLean clinic in Mississauga and Drs. Hugh McLean and Giancarlo McEvenue, asking the organization to review the impact social media has on impressionable young minds and the standard of care applied to youth who self-identify as transgender.

The parent coalition that filed the complaint includes Canadian Gender Report, Parents of ROGD Kids, Canadian Women’s Sex-based Rights and GNC Centric.

“There is a several thousand percent increase in the number of youth seeking medical means to change their gender in Europe, Australia, and North America. In the past year, the Ministers of Health of the UK and Australia have ordered government inquiries to understand why the number of adolescents seeking gender transition is increasing so rapidly,” the complaint notes.

“The exponentially increasing rates of youth presenting as gender dysphoric, combined with the increasing numbers of detransitioners emphasize the need to take a more cautious approach in terms of intervention until more research has been conducted.”

Such detransitioners — individuals who once lived and identified as transgender or nonbinary — have become more visible in recent months as the experimental medicalization of gender has begun receiving more government scrutiny, court cases have been initiated, and young men and women who pursued that pathway but now regret doing so take to social media to speak about their experiences, detailing how their bodies were harmed.

“With more and more detransitioners coming forward, the medical community would be negligent if they don’t take a closer look at what’s going on. And I don’t think the general public is aware of how experimental the treatment is and how much marketing and promotion is behind it,” said Pamela Buffone, founder of the Canadian Gender Report, in an interview with The Christian Post Monday.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter