West Coast Megachurch Pastor Daniel Fusco Says Some People Are Better Off at Small Churches

The lead pastor of a West Coast-based megachurch believes that there are people who would do better going to a small congregation instead.

Daniel Fusco, lead pastor for Crossroads Community Church, which has campuses in Washington State and Oregon, discussed at the Parenting Teens Summit event about the value of smaller churches.

Fusco acknowledged that Crossroads, which counts its attendance in the thousands, “can’t be the right place for everybody.”

“Crossroads, where I pastor now, is a very large church. The downside of the very large church is that [there are] all sorts of people who can’t connect with God surrounded by a couple thousand people,” explained Fusco.

“What I try to tell people is don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just because they don’t want to go to the church that you raised them in doesn’t mean they don’t want to connect with God.”

Fusco stressed that “the church is not monolithic in its methodology,” explaining that “people connect with God and other people in many contexts.”

“Maybe they’re finding that the pastor speaks in a way they don’t understand, maybe they’re finding that the music is more off-putting than worshipful for them,” continued Fusco.

“We have people at Crossroads who love what God is doing at Crossroads and they connect with God, but they actually come into the campus and sitting in the huge room with the big screens, they would rather meet at their house and invite their friends over and share a breakfast and they turn on our Internet campus and they worship together.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski