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June 26, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg, ‘Pastor of Facebook’? CEO Wants to Organize Online Community to be More Like the Church

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook groups to play an important role that community groups like churches and Little League teams used to perform: Bringing communities together. And with nearly 2 billion people around the world on Facebook today, he might have... Continue Reading →


Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush Faces Criticism for Funneling Campaign Funds and $200k in Public Money to Church and Nonprofit he Started

A wellness center connected to a church founded by Illinois Democratic Rep. Bobby Rush has received $650,000 in taxpayer-funded government grants in 2017, public records show and has pulled in more than $15 million in grants since 2008. Rush, who... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Tamar Braxton’s Show-Stealing Performance of ‘My Man’ At the 2017 BET Awards

Among the stacked lineup featuring Bruno Mars, New Edition, Mary J. Blige and more at the 2017 BET Awards on Sunday (June 25), iconic R&B singer Tamar Braxton also graced the stage for a bold, passionate performance. Braxton appeared at the award... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Omarosa Accuses Congressional Black Caucus of ‘Showboating’ For Refusing To Meet with President Trump a Second Time

"The Honorable" Omarosa Maigault seems upset that the Congressional Black Caucus turned down an invite to meet with Trump a second time, and is having a temper tantrum. It must've hurt to come to the realization that she has about... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Takes on New Clash of Homosexual Rights & Religion in Case Involving Wedding Cake for Same-Sex Couple

The Supreme Court is taking on a new clash between gay rights and religion in a case about a wedding cake for a same-sex couple in Colorado. The justices said Monday they will consider whether a baker who objects to... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Travel Ban Case in October

The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would decide whether President Trump’s revised travel ban was lawful, setting the stage for a major decision on the scope of presidential power. Mr. Trump’s revised executive order, issued in March, limited... Continue Reading →

President Trump Calls Travel Ban Ruling ‘Victory for National Security’

President Donald Trump took a victory lap on Monday after the Supreme Court restored most of his executive order banning incoming travel from six terror-prone countries.  'Today's unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security,' the... Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Churches and Other Religious Institutions Receiving Public Funds

The Supreme Court concluded its work for this session on Monday siding with religious institutions in a major church-state decision and with no indication that pivotal Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is retiring. The speculation about Kennedy, who has served on... Continue Reading →

Salvador Dali’s Bones to be Exhumed in Spain to Settle Paternity Suit

A Spanish judge on Monday ordered the remains of artist Salvador Dali to be exhumed to settle a paternity suit, despite opposition from the state-run foundation that manages the artist's estate. Dali, considered one of the fathers of surrealist art,... Continue Reading →

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